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In cooperation with the France Embassy in Jordan and according to the embassy’s standards, Trip Away offers our clients a high-quality service in order to obtain a France visa.
However, the process of assessment and decision-making on visas is the sole responsibility of the Embassy.
You can view general information related to visa categories and requirements for obtaining an entry visa to France through the Embassy website .
To contact the France Embassy in Jordan:
phone: +962(6)4604630 
Embassy Location: Al-Zahran Street, Amman-Jordan

After completing the required documents, an appointment will be set at the France Embassy to hand in applications and the documents.
The usual period for issuing an France visa will take 14 to 18 days from your appointment at the embassy (Biometrics).
In order to obtain a France visa, please consider all required documents, costs and funds required for your stay to avoid rejection

The France visa fee imposed by the France Embassy in Jordan is about 78 Jordanian dinars per person, to be paid at the embassy, but there are other expenses that depend on the type of visa. Trip Away will help you with all the details.

  • Filled and signed visa application form.
  • An original passport valid for 6 months and the oldest passport, if applicable.
  • Stamped and signed bank statement valid for the last 3 or 6 months, depending on the type of visa applied for.
  • Proof of employment, proof of student or pension certificate.

There are more requirements but it depends on the type of visa applied for.

1.Tourist Visa: This visa allows for recreational travel within the country and spend holidays for a limited period. 

2.Businessmen Visa: To attend a meeting or conference related to work, with the need for an invitation from the inviting party.

3.Visiting Visa: This type of visa is often for the purpose of a general visit. For instance, to spend a vacation or to visit a friend or relatives residing in the country. Therefore, for the applicant to be able to obtain this category of visas, he must submit documents proving that he has the financial ability to pay the costs of the trip and the costs of living while he is there.

4.Cultural / sports events visa: To participate in events related to culture, sport, and religion or participate in talent shows.

5.Medical visa: For the purpose of receiving treatment abroad. And among its requirements are medical reports on the medical condition and an invitation from the intended hospital.

6.Domestic employee Visa: This visa is granted to female workers, escorts, or housekeepers to accompany employers.

Important Note:

Ensure that you select the type of visa that aligns with the purpose of your travel. Verify the accuracy and clarity of all required documents. We recommend scheduling an appointment to submit your visa application as soon as possible.

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