Poland Visa

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Poland Visa Office in Jordan:

Our Poland Visa Office cooperates with Poland Embassy of Jordan and according to the following standards, to offer our clients a high quality service to get Poland Visa.

Types of Poland Visa:

  1. Tourist Visa: This visa allows for recreational travel within the country and spend holidays for a limited period. 
  2. Businessmen Visa: To attend a meeting or conference related to work, with the need for an invitation from the inviting party.
  3. Visiting Visa: This type of visa is often for the purpose of a general visit. For instance, to spend a vacation or to visit a friend or relatives residing in the country. Therefore, for the applicant to be able to obtain this category of visas, he must submit documents proving that he has the financial ability to pay the costs of the trip and the costs of living while he is there.
  4. Cultural / sports events visa: To participate in events related to culture, sport, and religion or participate in talent shows.
  5. Medical visa: For the purpose of receiving treatment abroad. And among its requirements are medical reports on the medical condition and an invitation from the intended hospital.
  6. Domestic employee Visa: This visa is granted to female workers, escorts, or housekeepers to accompany employers.

The main requirements for Poland Embassy of Jordan to issue Poland Visa:

  • Filled and signed visa application form.
  • An original passport valid for 6 months and an older passport, if any
  • A bank statement that is valid for the last 3 or 6 months, depending on the type of visa applied for.
  • A Proof of work, student or retirement.

There are more requirements but depends on the type of Visa one’s applying for.

Cost of Poland Visa:

Poland Visa fees charged by Poland Embassy of Jordan are around 77 Jordanian Dinars per person, in addition to office fees.

Poland Embassy of Jordan:

After completing the required documents, an appointment will be scheduled at Poland Embassy in Jordan for Poland visa applications.

The usual duration to issue Poland Visa will take up 14 to 21 days after the embassy’s appointment (Biometrics).
In order to obtain Poland Visa, Please consider all the required documents and the costs and funds required for your stay to avoid rejection.

Poland may not be a holiday destination you’ve had in mind, but all that is about to change. Poland is an impressive country, which offers a selection of activities and landscapes for those who wish to visit. As well as historical cities, quiet beaches and snowy mountains for skiing. Whatever type of holiday you enjoy, Poland has it all on offer. Whilst on your Poland holiday, indulge in Polish delights and the rich history and culture. No matter where you go, or what you do, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time during your holiday in Poland.

Poland’s History

If history is something that interests you, Poland should definitely be towards the top your list. With a rich position in history, a number of old medieval buildings, wonderful museums and the ill-famed Auschwitz camp, history buffs can’t go wrong with a Poland holiday. Since the days of WII and the Warsaw uprising, Poland has so much to discover and explore.

Polish Cuisine

Food plays a huge role within Polish culture, so it’s a fantastic experience if you get to try some during your visit. Many classic dishes are pierogi, bigos and borscht and these can easily be found in small eateries or restaurants throughout the country. If dessert is on the cards after trying some of the famous Polish mains, try paczki, a delicious Polish style doughnut. Or try sernik, which is the Polish version of cheesecake.

Love the outdoors? Love amazing views? Put the two together and a trip to Poland’s mountains should have you feeling right at home. Visit the Tatras to be truly astonished. Fantastic for the winter skiing season and for summer hiking.

In Short, and believe it or not, Poland is quite a cheap holiday destination, making it the perfect trip for those on a tight budget. Prices are steadily rising in the big cities of Poland, but compared to other European destinations, Poland is towards the top of the list in terms of affordability.